Dec 28

There were a lot of short-haul shipments last week heading into Christmas. Van load posts tapered off at the end of the week, but when a load did need to move, it came with a higher price tag. That led to higher rates on 67 of the top 100 van lanes.

Darker-colored states have higher load-to-truck ratios, meaning that there's less competition for van loads in those states.

Most of the action was east of the Mississippi, including big East Coast markets and parts of the Midwest. A lot more of the shipments were short-haul and final-mile moves which makes sense because everything had to get to its destination by Saturday. Rates got a big boost on some long-haul lanes, too.

All rates listed below include fuel surcharges and are based on real transactions between carriers and brokers.


  • Atlanta was the top market for load posts last week, and the lane rate to Philadelphia was up ▲19¢ to $2.46/mile
  • Charlotte to Buffalo paid ▲15¢ better at $2.21/mile
  • Chicago to Denver averaged $2.46/mile, which was a ▲19¢ improvement
  • Buffalo to Allentown, PA was all the way up to $3.14/mile


Things were a lot quieter out West last week, and most freight had already moved out. Rates were down quite a bit in Seattle

  • Seattle to Salt Lake City lost another ▼15¢ to $1.76/mile
  • Portland to Stockton also lost ▼14¢ to $1.52/mile
  • Columbus to Buffalo dropped ▼18¢ last week, but the $2.75/mile average was still pretty good
  • The regional lane from Memphis to Atlanta also dipped ▼13¢ to $2.06/mile


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