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Dec 16

Remember the good old days? Like, two weeks ago? We were riding high on a big surge in rates around Thanksgiving, but that surge was a little short-lived. Load posts on DAT TruckersEdge trailed off a bit, and the national van rate slipped 5¢ to $1.72/mile, a little above where we were before Thanksgiving.

A few lanes improved last week, like the 330-mile lane from Columbus to Buffalo. The average price for a van load on that lane was up 16¢ to $2.85 per mile. Other lanes rose in one direction, but fell on the backhaul, so the roundtrip rate didn’t improve.

Worst Lane in America?

A couple high-volume lanes dipped below the dreaded buck-a-mile.

  • Denver to L.A. averaged just 97¢ per mile (L.A. to Denver was $2.18/mile)
  • Lakeland, FL, to Atlanta was 95¢ per mile (Atlanta to Lakeland was $2.39/mile)



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