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Dec 04

If you're trying to plan your week, you might want to look to the Southeast for van loads. Atlanta, Memphis, and Charlotte are great options, and we're seeing a lot of demand for trucks in Greenville, SC, and Decatur, AL.

Below is a list of 5 markets where you should be able to find a van load fast. Each city ranks in the top 20 for load posts, with load-to-truck ratios above the national average of 2.1 loads per truck. I didn't include any markets out West in this list, but Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest still look strong

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ATLANTA has been the top market for load posts for a while now, but it also had a lot of trucks available. There's been less competition for those loads this week. The top destination is Lakeland, FL, but backhauls are hard to come by. The rates in Lakeland are terrible too. Go to Charlotte or Memphis instead. The roundtrip to Charlotte is 245 miles and averages $2.21/mile. 


COLUMBUS, OH, loads are up thanks to retail season. It's also a top destination for inbound loads. The average rate on the lane from Memphis to Columbus rose 24¢ last week, hitting $1.84/mile. Columbus has also looked pretty good lately for flatbeds.


GREENVILLE, SC, has seen a spike in load posts, with relatively few trucks. The top destination is Atlanta. The roundtrip is short and averages $3.27/mile.


KANSAS CITY: Rates on the lane to Dallas are up 20¢ from November's average price. Dallas has finally started to heat up too, so the backhaul should be easier to find than it was last month. If you're closer to Eastern Missouri, St. Louis has also seen more loads lately.


DECATUR, AL: Northern Alabama is a steel market, and it's short on trucks right now. That should help you find a load there fast, both for vans and flatbeds.


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