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Apr 14

The ELD mandate coming up in December, and one of the benefits that some ELD providers are trying to sell is being able to use the data from the ELD to file your IFTA fuel taxes faster. We asked our compliance experts, Gary and Jenell, how that would work. Can you actually use ELD data when filing IFTA and IRP reports? 

The answer: It depends

For one, most ELDs are designed to be HOS compliant, which isn't the same as IFTA and IRP compliance. HOS records only have to be kept for 6 months, while IFTA records have to be on file for 4 years, IRP for 5. So the first step in using your ELD to file these reports is to make sure the data is stored in a place that keeps your business compliant.

Second, is there an easy way to tie the latitude and longitude reading from the ELD to the odometer reading on the truck? Using a GPS to file IFTA fuel taxes can create problems if your returns are audited, so you should do your research to see if those same problems would exist with the ELD you're looking to buy.

For more info, watch the video above from DAT Runnin' Legal.


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