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Jan 06

A lot of truckers must have stayed home between Christmas and New Year's Day. Shippers still wanted to move their freight last week, though, so they could count it in their 2015 financial results. Bad weather was also in the mix.

The result? The load-to-truck ratio for vans skyrocketed from 1.9 to 3.4 loads per truck. That's huge. 

Last week’s Hot States Map shows a quiet West Coast, and truck shortages in a handful of states.   

This week, you can find a load in these Hot Markets. There are 1,000+ load posts daily in each of these eight metro areas, and they all need more trucks:

  • Minneapolis, 3.3 loads per truck
  • Green Bay, 10.1
  • Lubbock, 15.4
  • Laredo, 7.6
  • Kansas City, 6.6 
  • Memphis, 6.7
  • Pittsburgh, 3.7
  • Philadelphia, 3.4

Unfortunately, national average van rates held steady at $1.71 per mile. That's because head haul rates went up, but back haul rates went down, and the trends cancelled each other out.

Cities with big increases in outbound rates last week:

  • Los Angeles, up 7¢
  • Chicago, up 6¢
  • Columbus, up 9¢
  • Philadelphia, up 10¢
  • Buffalo, up 19¢
  • Atlanta, up 7¢

Which city is on both lists? Philadelphia! If you're in the neighborhood, that's a great place to look for loads this week. 



Rates for individual lanes are available in DAT TruckersEdge Enhanced, as well as other DAT load board products. DAT rates are based on actual rate agreements between freight brokers and carriers. 



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