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Apr 27

Are you wasting time behind the wheel, looking for a parking spot? Want to know where the cheapest fuel is? Need to find a service station? You can use the free DAT Trucker mobile app to take care of all three at once, plus much more.

Based on your phone's GPS location, DAT Trucker can help you find:

  • Rest stops
  • Truck stops
  • Service stations
  • Scales
  • Diesel prices
  • Trucker-friendly hotels
  • Walmarts
  • Nearby loads 

The latest version of the app for Android works like Google Maps. It brings up a map based on your GPS location, with markers to show locations that match your search results.

You can choose to see everything at once, or you can tap the triangle icon to choose what you want to search. You can also toggle between the map and a list of nearby businesses.

Get the DAT Trucker mobile app in the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. We'll also keep updating the app based on your suggestions.

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