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Apr 13

Flatbed freight was strong in March, and there was a spike in rates to close the month. Some of that dropped off last week, but flatbed is still looking good. Just look at all the dark spots in the Hot States Map, below.

Darker states in the map above have higher load-to-truck ratios, meaning there's less competition for flatbed loads.

Texas mostly held steady last week, though volumes were off in Houston and rates dipped in Dallas


Outbound rates in the past month have surged in Birmingham, Phoenix, Jacksonville, and Los Angeles, and last week saw a big uptick in prices out of Rock Island, IL. Cleveland was also showing signs of life.

Lots of lanes were paying summer-like rates last week:

  • Rock Island to Minneapolis was up ▲62¢ to an average of $2.67/mile. Rock Island to Kansas City was also up big at $2.81/mile
  • Atlanta to Raleigh added ▲39¢ to $2.39/mile
  • Out West, flatbed loads going from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City paid ▲61¢ better on average at $3.02/mile


One negative was that rates out of Memphis were down after a steep drop in freight volume. That could be temporary, considering how strong demand is everywhere else.

  • Memphis to Dallas was down ▼25¢ to $2.54/mile
  • Las Vegas to Los Angeles fell ▼71¢ to $2.48/mile, following a very strong March


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