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Aug 03

The national average flatbed rate took a dive in the first week of July. It's been rising steadily since then, but on a lane-by-lane basis, flatbed trends swung wildly. One common theme: A lot of the lanes with rising rates go into or out of big markets in the Southeast. 

Rates were hurt by changes in the mix of cargo. Also, when demand slacks off for van and reefer freight, there are more trucks available. That extra competition drags flatbed rates down, too. Rates peaked around the July 4th holiday, and then we had these big rate swings for the rest of the month. 

Below were some of the biggest changes in the major flatbed markets.

All rates include fuel surcharges and are based on real transactions between brokers and carriers

Rates are based on averages for the highest-volume long haul lanes from each market


Most major flatbed markets were down for the month, but two in the Southeast bucked that trend: 

  • Jacksonville rates were up ▲6% in July, including an ▲11% bump last week
  • Construction is strong in North Carolina, and outbound rates spiked ▲14% in Raleigh in July.
  • The lane from Raleigh to Tampa gained ▲35¢ in the past month to $2.55/mile

A handful of other lanes also made big gains last month. These three had origins and/or destinations in the Southeast, too:

  • Roanoke to Baltimore surged to $3.93/mile. That’s $1.18 higher than last month
  • Savannah to Charlotte recovered ▲38¢ to $2.55/mile
  • Cleveland to Roanoke also spiked ▲36¢ and paid $2.50/mile on average

Two of the top flatbed markets, Houston and Memphis, had steady for loads and rates.


There were a number of lanes where rates plummeted in July, and they were really a mixed bag.

  • Cleveland to Grand Rapids was down ▼58¢ to $2.01/mile
  • Atlanta to Nashville unexpectedly dropped ▼53¢ to just $1.98/mile.
  • Los Angeles to El Paso collapsed, falling ▼58¢ to $2.01/mile
  • Tampa to Miami lost ▼41¢, to $2.28/mile


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