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Dec 02

We're looking at which cities offered the best outbound flatbed rates over the past month, and which markets would get you home with the most money in your pocket. There's one market you should definitely avoid.

Beware all loads leading to Tampa. You'll lose your shirt trying to find a load out of there, and it's tough to find one without deadheading 100 miles. Even if you find one close by, it likely doesn't pay well. You'd probably do better to stick closer to Savannah, GA, and there are some good options out of Mobile, AL.


All per-mile rates include fuel, but not accessorials or other fees 

  • National average: $1.92 per mile, down 5¢ from the October average
  • Rates rose in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Memphis, and Rock Island, IL
  • Rates fell in Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, and Harrisburg, PA

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