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Sep 07

Most lanes pay better in one direction than they do in the other, but Chicago to Minneapolis is one of those lanes that can flip directions in the fall, when you can make more money heading from Minneapolis to Chicago.

Right now the two lanes are balanced -- the average rates paid last week were only one cent apart. That makes for a pretty good round trip, but there are options that will make you even more money.

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One of the commodities that boosts freight rates out of Minnesota is sugar, which comes from processing beets in the growing region northwest of the Twin Cities. Potatoes are also moving now from the Big Lake region. Later they'll be shipping out of the Red River Valley, too.

The round trip between Minneapolis and Chicago averaged about $1,500 last week, but if you add a third destination (aka, a TriHaul), you can do even better. This depends on your schedule and how many hours you have available, of course, but a triangular route through Des Moines, IA, can boost your revenue by $400 or $500, while adding only 177 loaded miles. If you start your trip in Minneapolis, you do a little better than if you start in Chicago, but it works both directions.


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