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7 Jan 26

For months, the trucking industry has been prepping itself for new regulations from the FMCSA that will eventually do away with MC numbers and all other docket numbers. Instead of using MC numbers, carriers are going to be identified solely by their DOT number. In order to do that, everyone is eventually going to have to start using something called the Unified Registration System (URS). 

Not anymore. At least not yet.

After numerous delays, the final phase of the URS has been shelved for the time being. The FMCSA announced in January that they’ve suspended the new URS regulations.

From the FMCSA:

"FMCSA is extending the implementation date of the final stage of the URS 1 final rule beyond January 14, 2017 because additional time is needed to securely migrate data from multiple legacy platforms into a new central database and to conduct further compatibility testing with its State partners."

During the suspension, trucking companies will no longer be required to submit registration and biennial update information using the URS, and anything you need to file with the FMCSA will be done the same old way they’re done today.

The FMCSA has until Feb. 13 to file a petition for reconsideration, at which point they might offer a better idea of how long the suspension might last. 

Until then, it’s back to business as usual.


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ELd and speed limiters next!!!


I think this has less to do with that explanation and more to do with Trump's executive order to stop all new and pending regulations. Hope elogs get scrapped too.


James Rollins
James Rollins I already paid My UCR...Oh well..Can I get that refunded?


Good question. It's probably worth contacting them about. Let us know what you find out.


You've always had to pay it.  The new extensions to its importance are shelved. For now.


In the case of MC/USDoT - one number is better than two. I say make it happen.


If Trump is suspending all new regs, I hope the ELDs and speed limiters are next.  It's time we little guys get a chance to be truly competitive again.  


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