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Feb 08

What if roadside inspections took half as long? Or better yet, what if you didn’t even have to stop?

The FMCSA has been researching Wireless Roadside Inspections. Inspectors would get the info they need from a vehicle’s ELD (electronic logging device), which cuts the time it takes to perform vehicle inspections.

That’s one of the hot topics in this week’s Trucking Rules roundup.

‘E-Inspections’ – The FMCSA is scheduled to test wireless inspections next month in various locations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Georgia. Before that, the company Drivewyze will do its own field test in four states: Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. 

Read the Overdrive story to find out more and learn how to participate.

Sleep apnea ‘pre-rule’ – DOT plans to do a study to find out how many truckers have sleep apnea and learn how much it affects the trucking industry.

Read more at CCJ.

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