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Apr 19

More and more produce shipments are hitting DAT TruckersEdge, and rates overall are rising earlier than they did in 2016.

Easter had the same effect on reefer load counts as it did on van volumes. There were fewer loads than the week before, since most load board activity was winding down early Friday. But the rush to get produce in stores has led to higher reefer rates out of Florida, Fresno, CA, and near the Mexican border in Nogales, AZ.

The Hot States Map above shows where load-to-truck ratios are the highest. The darker the state, the less competition there is for reefer loads.


Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, so more avocados are crossing the border at Nogales, AZ

  • Nogales to Dallas reefer rates were up ▲23¢ to $2.16/mile
  • The cross-country lane from Nogales to Brooklyn paid ▲25¢ better at $2.15/mile

Another extra-long haul saw a spike in prices: Fresno to Boston was up ▲26¢ to $2.18/mile. Lettuce, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower are all shipping out of there, with strawberries coming out of Oxnard and the Santa Maria districts

Florida’s also coming on strong with sweet corn, potatoes, mixed veggies and melons:

  • Lakeland, FL, to Charlotte surged ▲49¢ to $2.06/mile
  • Lakeland to Atlanta was up ▲22¢ to $1.65/mile
  • Miami to Baltimore rose ▲39¢ to $2.15/mile


Lower volumes in Atlanta, Sacramento, and Green Bay kept the national numbers from rising higher. There were also fewer apples and eggs shipping out of Grand Rapids

  • Grand Rapids to Madison tumbled ▼32¢ to $2.01/mile
  • Atlanta to Philly was down to $2.00/mile
  • Sacramento to Portland, OR, dropped ▼22¢ to $2.23/mile

Other than the declines in Michigan, the dips in volume don’t look to be part of any ongoing trend, so reefer freight still looks positive going forward.


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