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Feb 10

If you're running reefers and feeling the squeeze, relief may be on the way. The national average rate fell for the fourth straight week, but volumes surged last week. That's a good sign, and it could mean that rates will start to pick up again soon. 

Here's a look at what was up and what was down last week. All rates include fuel surcharges and are based on real transactions between carriers and brokers.


  • Sacramento to Denver prices spiked 30¢
  • Fresno to Denver was up 21¢ to an average of $2.38/mile
  • Port activity has picked up in Los Angeles, maybe due to Chinese New Year
  • Mexican produce boosted rates out of Nogales, AZ


  • Lakeland, FL to Atlanta paid 21¢ better
  • Atlanta to Philly was also up 21¢ for an average of $2.18/mile


  • Port activity also picked up in the Philadelphia area, which could add to outbound demand there this week
  • Elizabeth, NJ, to Boston dropped 75¢ after winter weather boosted rates the previous week
  • Another storm this week could drive Northeast rates back up, but check road conditions before you take a load in


  • McAllen, TX, reefer rates slipped another 5¢ 
  • Dallas edged up 2¢, to an average outbound rate of $1.67/mile


  • Green Bay to Joliet, IL, dropped 48¢
  • Green Bay to Philly lost 28¢
  • Chicago to Atlanta was down to $2.16/mile

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