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1 Sep 23

Let's say you're driving the family car, and you're stuck behind a Class 8 truck. You want to pass, but you can't see the road ahead. Depending on the road, the driving conditions, and the temperament of the driver, this scenario easily could become dangerous. 

What if you could see everything that the truck driver sees? You'd have an unobstructed view of the road and all the traffic in both directions. Would that change your behavior?

Imagine if the back of the truck looked like this:

Well, Samsung has tested a truck-mounted camera and display combination that puts that full view on the back of a van trailer. The Samsung system, dubbed the "Safety Truck," was tested in Argentina, where traffic accidents occur at a rate of one per hour, and many of these are due to unsafe passing on two-lane roads.

My husband, a talented amateur photographer and longtime camera buff, sent me an article about Samsung's prototype system. I've read many articles about the use of dash cams in commercial trucking, but I had never seen anything like this.

Samsung's corporate blog says that the test was successful, and the company is working with NGOs and governmental agencies to bring this technology to market. When it is available commercially, this technology is sure to be insanely expensive, but it could also be a game changer.

The pictures are better than any description, but you really want to watch the video, too. It's a must-see. 

What do you think of this technology? Please post your comments below.


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I dig it.  Pretty cool, and definitely helpful to reduce dangerous passing situations.


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