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2 Dec 08

Miami is usually a dead-end at this time of year. Reefer rates from Miami to the Northwest were up big last week, but by Monday, there were hardly any loads available. You can find loads from Miami to Atlanta, but that rate dropped to $1.44/mile. 

There are lots of reefer loads going into Miami from Atlanta, and those rates are going up every day, so you might be tempted.

If you can complete the roundtrip in three days from Atlanta to Miami and back, you’ll average $1.99 per loaded mile and $1,300 per day. BUT…if you get held up at the dock or you get stuck in traffic along the way, you could run out of hours.

Look for a TriHaul, to add miles on that fourth day. Get a load from Miami to Charlotte at $1.63/mile, and then pick up a second load from Charlotte to Atlanta at $2.34/mile. That TriHaul route gives you an average of $2.13/mile for all loaded miles, boosting your total revenue by almost $900.

Again, if you can get from Atlanta to Miami and back in 3 days, you probably just want to go for it. Here's the math for reefers, but this TriHaul should also work for vans:

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and then you wake up:
miami reefer:
92  Loads Picking Up  
342  Loads Dropping Off  
174  Trucks Available  
834  Looking for Loads


Hey but it looks good on paper,
Just put a lipstick on a pig
They collect your email here and sell it twice


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