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Sep 13

Reefer load posts and rates rose before Labor Day, which was a welcome change to the backsliding we had been seeing in recent weeks. Those boosts held up for the most part after Labor Day, too, which hopefully is another good sign for fall reefer trends.

On the top 72 reefer lanes, more had rates rise than fell, and the ones that did have falling prices generally didn't fall by much.  

Darker-colored states have higher load-to-truck ratios, meaning that there's less competition for reefer loads in those states.


Demand for reefers was strongest up north. Chicago, Elizabeth, NJ; and Grand Rapids, MI, were numbers 1, 2, and 3 for reefer load posts on the DAT TruckersEdge load board

  • Disappointing apple volumes had been hurting prices in Grand Rapids, but rates improved out of there last week
  • The lane from Grand Rapids to Madison, WI was up ▲29¢ and paid an average of $2.75/mile
  • The lane from Chicago to Kansas also improved by ▲19¢, up to $2.21/mile
  • Out West, reefer rates got a big boost out of Sacramento. The average rate there jumped up to $2.39/mile, which is almost the same as Los Angeles
  • Sacramento to Denver surged another ▲24¢ to $2.35/mile


Not many large declines last week. Nogalez, AZ, and most of Florida continued to slump in the off-season, and Dallas reefer rates slipped.  

  • Chicago to Minneapolis was down ▼18¢ to $1.93/mile, but you can make up the difference in the other direction. Minneapolis to Chicago rates were up to $2.01/mile.
  • Elizabeth, NJ, to Boston was down ▼17¢ to $3.37/mile (That might sound high, but there are tolls and usually heavy traffic on that lane. Plus it’s hard to find a load out of Boston.)


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