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Nov 24

What's the Worst Lane in America this week?

Photo credit: AA Roads

The big winner -- or loser -- is Fort Lee, NJ to Louisville, KY. This is one lousy backhaul lane, because:

  • You pass through some of the worst traffic jams in the country.
  • When you finally get out of the NY City traffic, you hit construction AND tolls.
  • It's hard to find a load without 150 or 200 miles of deadhead.
  • When you find a load, it pays only $1.17/mile.

If you're stuck in New Jersey and you want to get back home to Louisville, you don't want to drive home empty.

On the other hand, if you do find a load, AND you can do a 1,500-mile roundtrip from Louisville to Fort Lee and back in three days, just go for it. Yeah, the rates are lousy, but you'll be home. You can find something better the next day. 

If you end up waiting at the dock in Fort Lee, you're gonna miss your window. Now you're on the road for a fourth day, and it makes sense to find a TriHaul.

TriHaul: Louisville - Ft Lee - Richmond - Louisville

First, you might have to deadhead out of Ft Lee. You should be able to find a decent load in Newark. Good news: it's only 20 miles. Bad news: it's 20 miles in traffic. Don't drive during business hours, if you can avoid it.  

Here's the math.

DAT TruckersEdge had loads today from Newark to Richmond VA. Rates on that lane average $1.95/mile. That's way better than the rate to Louisville.

A second load from Richmond to Louisville completes the triangle in Day 4, at $1.38. You end up with an extra $541 in your pocket, and you made good use of that fourth day.

Want to learn more about today's rates on the lanes you run? Upgrade to TruckersEdge Enhanced to see what other owner-operators and carriers are getting paid.

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