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Nov 27

Trying to plan your week? You should be able to find a van load fast in these five markets. Each city is in the top 20 for freight volume, with load-to-truck ratios that are higher than the national average of 1.8 loads per truck.

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MEMPHIS load posts spiked in November after what had so far been a pretty quiet year. There are a lot of loads available right now to and from Atlanta. Dallas and Houston are also top destinations for loads leaving Memphis, but the backhaul rates from Texas are looking pretty rough.


LOS ANGELES outbound rates are still strong. The top destination for the past month has been Stockton, CA, but the load-to-truck ratio there is low. It might be easier to find a backhaul from Phoenix. Demand for trucks is also high in nearby Ontario, CA.


CHARLOTTE: Three of the top five destinations for loads leaving Charlotte are in Florida. If you end up taking one of those loads, you'll want to make sure you get paid enough to cover the possible deadhead miles to get out of Florida. You might want to look to Atlanta instead. The roundtrip on that lane has averaged $2.09/mile, which is a pretty good price between two major hubs.


MINNEAPOLIS: The Upper Midwest has been strong for vans all month. Minneapolis is relatively short on trucks, which makes it a good place to look for loads. Green Bay and Grand Rapids are both good options if you're closer to those markets. Chicago is the top destination for all three. Demand for vans had been high in Fargo, ND, for several weeks, but load posts there have tapered off.


PORTLAND, OR: Christmas trees are moving out of Oregon, which has boosted demand for both vans and reefers. Load-to-truck ratios are high in Medford and Pendleton, but a lot more loads have been posted in Portland.



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