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Nov 28

Early last week, brokers and shippers paid a premium to get their loads moved before Thanksgiving. Then the load board got really quiet, because most people took time off from work.

In fact, more than half of the truckers who responded to our reader poll said that they planned to take at least four days off for the holiday. That made it harder for brokers and shippers to find trucks, even at the beginning of the week, because drivers wanted to unload and get home by Wednesday. That's what led to higher van rates on a lot of lanes.

Results from a DAT survey

Rates listed below include fuel surcharges and are based on real transactions between carriers and brokers.

Prices spiked on these lanes during the short week: 

  • Stockton, CA to Salt Lake City paid ▲24¢ better at an average of $2.46/mile
  • Seattle to Salt Lake City rose ▲21¢ to $1.98/mile
  • Charlotte to Buffalo was up ▲20¢ to $2.29/mile
  • Philadelphia to Buffalo paid ▲19¢ better on average at $2.08/mile
  • Atlanta to Philadelphia surged ▲20¢ to $2.11/mile
  • Chicago to Columbus rose ▲19¢ to hit $2.57/mile

Darker-colored states have higher load-to-truck ratios, meaning that there's less competition for van loads in those states.

Denver rates slipped to about where they were a month ago, but weather could affect lanes going in and out of the Rockies this week.

  • Denver to Oklahoma City lost ▼17¢ for an average of just $1.06/mile
  • If you’re hauling a van load from Phoenix to Denver, try to get as much as you can get because the backhaul from Denver to Phoenix lost another ▼8¢ to only $0.95/mile
  • Chicago to Buffalo adjusted down ▼9¢ to $2.30/mile


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