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Aug 02

The national average van rate dipped 1¢ last week to $1.64/mile, which isn't unusual for this time of year. What’s unusual is that the average rate in July was higher than in June. 

The number of van loads that moved on the spot market was pretty stable in May, June and July. Rates also split evenly last week. On the top 100 lanes: 44 rate were up; 44 were down. The rest didn’t change.

Below were some of the biggest price changes from last week.

All rates include fuel surcharges and are based on real transactions between carriers and brokers. 

Darker colored states above have higher load-to-truck ratios, meaning there's less competition for van freight in those states.


The Midwest has been gaining steam, especially in Columbus  

  • Columbus to Buffalo paid ▲16¢ better last week at $2.67/mile, which is well above the average for the year on that lane
  • Columbus to Atlanta also added ▲11¢ to 1.64/mile
  • Outbound rates held steady in Chicago  


Rates out of Atlanta and Charlotte didn't change much last week, except for a couple of standout lanes: 

  • Charlotte to Buffalo rose ▲12¢ to $2.34/mile, balanced by a drop in outbound rates from Buffalo
  • Atlanta to Philadelphia trended down ▼12¢ to $2.00/mile
  • Memphis rates are losing traction, and the lane to Indianapolis dropped ▼11¢ to $1.71/mile 
  • Memphis moved up to 3rd place for load posts on DAT TruckersEdge, pushing Houston to number 4 


Dallas is still number 2 for load posts behind Atlanta, but it’s also number 3 for truck posts. That means there’s more competition, which keeps outbound rates from rising. 


Buffalo outbound rates dropped last week, after a nice boost the week before last. Rates were up last week on lanes going into Buffalo, so look at the rates in both directions, to be sure you get a reasonable average for the roundtrip.


A couple regional lanes got a boost, out of backhaul markets. 

  • Denver to Stockton rose another ▲11¢ to an average of $1.22/mile.
  • That’s still not good, but the trip from Stockton to Denver also rebounded to $2.08/mile 
  • Seattle to Spokane added ▲19¢ to $2.48/mile
  • Seattle to Eugene, OR fell ▼13¢ to $2.03/mile
  • Volumes and rates improved a bit in Los Angeles


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