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Jan 19

Van rates continued to drop back down from an end-of-year surge. Load counts have been trending up, though, so rates could stabilize soon.

Darker-colored states have higher load-to-truck ratios, meaning that there's less competition for van loads in those states.

Rates out of Houston were 2% higher than a month ago, and outbound rates in other Texas markets were holding up pretty well. The same was true in the Midwest.

Denver actually had the best improvement overall for the week. Elsewhere, rates declined in most major van markets last week


Weather was a factor in many places. Some shipments were either postponed or trapped due to road closures out West, while a big thaw back East could trigger an uptick in freight movements there.

One of the lanes affected by road closures was from Denver to Stockton. Van rates on that lane surged ▲32¢ to $1.80/mile. It’s rare for that lane to go so high, but part of I-80 was closed for several days due to snow on Donner’s Pass. Stockton has also been a weak market recently, so that played a role. The return trip from Stockton to Denver was down ▼13¢ to $1.94, probably because California shippers held back their freight until the pass re-opened.

  • Philadelphia to Charlotte was up ▲20¢ to $1.51/mile, with warmer weather on that route.
  • Buffalo to Columbus rebounded ▲19¢ to $1.79/mile
  • Charlotte rates were down in general, but the lane to Buffalo was up ▲15¢ to $2.31/mile, which is a nice rate for January


Los Angeles volumes were among the slowest to gain last week. Heavy rains have probably hurt California in the short term, but the weather could yield dividends in time for the spring produce season. The rain ended the multi-year drought in parts of the state, which is good news.

  • Chicago to Buffalo reversed course from a week ago. That lane plunged ▼48¢ to $2.29/mile 
  • Allentown, PA, continued to slip, and the lane to Richmond, VA, paid ▼28¢ less last week at an average of $2.10/mile
  • Atlanta also lost traction last week, and van rates to Philadelphia dropped ▼26¢ to $1.95/mile


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