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Dec 01

There's not a lot of flatbed freight these days, but you can find some decent loads from Mobile, AL to Roanoke, VA. The pickings are slim on the return trip, so look for a TriHaul – a triangular route with two loads for trip back.

This one takes you to Chattanooga for a reload. As an added bonus, you bypass the traffic in both Atlanta and Charlotte, with only 6 extra miles of driving. Actually, you might consider taking this road in both directions!

  • Roanoke to Chattanooga paid an average of $1.68 per mile last week
  • Chattanooga back to Mobile went for $2.30 per mile.
  • You’ll come away with almost $400 more for taking that second load, with no additional driving.

Not bad, so long as you've got the hours for the extra stop. Below is a breakdown of the numbers. 

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