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2 Apr 28

Need to find a load before before Monday? Here are your 5 best bets for finding a van, reefer, or flatbed load fast.

Each market listed below lands in the top 20 for load posts in that equipment type. Each one also has a load-to-truck ratio that's well above the national average, which means there should be fewer trucks competing for loads in these markets. 


National load-to-truck ratio: 1.4 van loads available per truck 

Competition for van loads has been pretty fierce, and that's kept rates pretty low for the most part. Produce season is keeping a lot more reefer trucks busy right now. That should help vans, since reefers sometimes haul van loads when there aren't as many reefer loads. Meantime, these 5 van markets are more favorable for truckers than most places right now. 



National load-to-truck ratio: 2.6 reefer loads per truck

Produce shipments have picked up steam in Florida and Georgia. For the sake of variety, I didn't include Lakeland, FL, in this list, but it's number 3 for load posts. Border cities like Nogales, AZ, also still have a lot of Mexican produce shipping out, but that's been slowing down in the past couple of weeks. 



National load-to-truck ratio: 19.8 flatbed loads per truck

Load-to-truck ratios for flatbeds tend to fluctuate a lot since the flatbed category includes a lot of different trailer types. Plus, flatbed truckers tend to be less likely to post their available trucks to the load board, which can push the ratios even higher. That said, the trends for flatbed have been pretty consistent for the past few months, and the hot markets have been concentrated in the Southeast. Decatur, AL, is listed here, but flatbed demand has been strong all across Alabama. Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile are all in the top 10 for load posts.


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Hiram Texidor
Hiram Texidor

Loads are easy to find.  Good rates are not.


Lamothe Joseph
Lamothe Joseph

Need to see the Graf of each state and area paying mileage load


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