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Dec 22

This week’s roundtrip rate between Memphis and Columbus averages $1.89/mile, which is not bad these days. If you can complete the roundtrip in two days, go for it.

If you get held up in traffic or you have to wait at the dock, you could end up running for a third day. In that case, look for a TriHaul that helps you to make better use of your truck and your driving hours.


Find a load from Columbus to Lexington, KY. It’s practically on your way, and by breaking the trip up into two legs, you’ll boost that backhaul rate by 54¢ per mile, from $1.82 to an average of $2.36. You end up with an additional $251, for only 23 more miles of driving.

Want to see the average prices for the lanes you run? Upgrade to TruckersEdge Enhanced to see rates based on real transactions between brokers and carriers.TriHaul route suggestions are also offered in DAT Express and DAT Power load boards


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