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Best Value
DAT One Pro
(Formerly TruckersEdge Pro)
$121.50 / Month
$135 / Month
DAT One Enhanced
(Formerly TruckersEdge Enhanced)
$76.50 / Month
$85 / Month
DAT One Standard
(Formerly TruckersEdge Standard)
$40.50 / Month
$45 / Month
Unlimited Truck Posts
Post your trucks.
Unlimited Load Searches
Find the best loads fast.
Load Match Alarms
Set an alarm for when a new load matches what you're looking for.
Easy Month-to-Month Billing
Low monthly fee, no long term contract.
Mileage & Routing
Optimize your route with mapping services.
Inbound & Outbound Loads for Each State
See where you have a negotiating advantage.
Broker Days-to-Pay Score
On average, our brokers pay within 28 days.
Broker Credit Profiles
On average, our brokers have credit scores of 94 or above out of 100.
Phone Posting and Searching
Post & search on the road, without a laptop.
Broker Spot Market Lane Rates
See the average rates for lanes you're searching.
NEW! 15-day Lane Rates
Get fresh Broker-to-carrier spot market lane rates.
Get automatic triangle haul routing suggestions.
North America Database
See Canadian loads.
Best Value
$135 / Month
$121.50 / Month
$85 / Month
$76.50 / Month
$45 / Month
$40.50 / Month